Custom finishes are what brings that extra touch of style and class into your home. It’s really the small details that make the biggest overall difference. Here at The Couture Floor Company, we’re all about the little details that take ordinary finishes and turn them into beautiful accents in your home. Here are some examples of finishing touches that we can provide you with


This is a decorative molding that is installed at the highest point of each wall, where it meets the ceiling. Whether it’s streamline and simple or intricate and elegant, Crown Molding is a great addition to any room of your home. Not only can it hide any discrepancies between the wall and ceiling, but it adds a stunning finished detail that will surely be noticed.

Crown molding is made in a plethora of different profiles to pick and choose from. No matter what the overall style of the decor in your home is, you will surely be able to find one to compliment it.

There’s a crown molding material that is made to fit in a room of any shape or size; there are even crown moldings made specifically for curved walls!

Crown molding can even help you hide unsightly wires that are run throughout the room; hollow PVC crown molding can be used to run these wires completely inconspicuously, eliminating the eye-sore.

Crown molding is sure to add a luxurious feel to any room it’s installed